1. Dragon Balls

Grilled soy protein beef balls served with lettuces and sweet- chili sauce


2. Red Carpet Noodle Soup ( triple flavor)

Mixed of vegetable broth and red sauce,spinach,carrots, mushroom,bean sprout,ground peanut,on top with crispy wonton and your choices of noodles; wide,small,tiny or bean vermicelli (chowmein,yakisoba and udon added $1.59)

chicken, tofu, beef $13.99
duck or prawns $14.99
3. Massaman Curry

Blended of massaman curry paste with coconut milk,peanut, pineapple,onion,chick pea,carrot topped with ground peanut served with house salad and a piece of roti and your choice of white rice or brown rice

chicken, tofu, beef $15.99
duck or prawns $16.99

Fresh young coconut juice $3.99
Hot indian chai tea $ 3.19
Iced indian chai tea $ 2.99